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At IDTC - International Dog Training Center, we offer Dog training services, such as Basic Obedience training, Dog Agility, Behavior Modification with a very simple philosophy. We believe that training should be fun, innovative, and growl-free. All animals involved in the process experience the benefits, including the humans involved! Put your best paw forward and let’s get started today.

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Local Author Published Final Book in Series
Lands on Amazon’s Best Seller List in First Week

Winter Haven author, Marco Magiolo, released the third and final book in his ‘Canine Legends’ series this month, and the book immediately became an Amazon Best Seller. Magiolo, an American citizen who is a native of Brazil, has written and published the book in both English and his native Portuguese. Canine Legends Trilogy The ‘Canine Legends’ trilogy follows the main character, Marquito, and his life as a canine agility trainer in the world of competitive dog shows. Marquito and his canine partner travel the world together, sharing adventures and working through Marquito’s family dramas and personal traumas. Each book in the trilogy has continued the storyline with this final installment bringing the story to its close. All three books are based upon Magiolo’s life “with a little fiction mixed in,” Magiolo says. After his first dog passed away, a therapist encouraged him to write stories of her as a healing process. Later, a writer encouraged him to turn those stories into a book, and ‘Canine Legends’ was born. “All of the names and places have been changed, but the stories are inspired by real people,” Magiolo says. All of the dogs in the books have unique personalities and are featured as characters, not simply props within the story. All three books are available via Amazon and most online booksellers. Each book features a five star rating on Amazon. New Projects Ahead for Magiolo “I have two very important projects I’m working on now,”Magiolo says. “One is a movie based on the first book. The screenplay adaptation is complete. I am contacting studios and am in negotiations now.” His other project is a new book, details of which are still under wraps.

Upcoming Book Signing There will be a signing event in March for fans of the book who would like to meet Magiolo in person and have their books signed. The date and location of the event will be released closer to the event. About Magiolo In addition to being an author, Magiolo is an animal behaviorist and dog trainer. He works with dogs with behavior problems, who are aggressive or destructive. He works with the Orchid Springs Animal Hospital in Winter Haven, Fla. He received his Veterinary Medicine degree from the Universidade Anhembi Morumbi in the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil. He began training dogs in 2002 and started competing in 2005, quickly winning national and international tournaments. He competed representing Brazil and again representing the USA National Team in 2015.

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Canine Legends opens the doors to the world of Dog Agility competitions for both dog-loving readers and those who appreciate a good adventure story. Trainers and handlers traveling the world with their fantastic dogs competing in the most competitive dog agility shows.
The series is based on the author's real life, in a fictional world. Marcus Machado finds in dog sport an outlet for his family problems. It is traveling with his canine partners that Marquito will find a completely new world that will hypnotize him and change his life forever.
In addition to being captivating and exciting, the Canine Legends series is a story of love, companionship, dedication and passion for a sport. Discover now the world of canine competitions.

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Marcus Machado or Marquito, as his friends call him, is a young man who, along with his dog Arrow, find themselves in a sport called dog agility. A new beginning after the traumas within his family.
Alongside his canine partner, Marquito travels across the United States competing in the most challenging dog agility League in the country. He will not only have to deal with the challenges on the track, but also with the psychological dramas that the competitive environment will impose on him.
In a plot full of adventure, drama, romance and lots of dogs, CANINE LEGENDS takes the reader on an exciting journey into a world of canine competition with unexpected plot twists.

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The LEGENDS are back in an even more thrilling sequel. Marquito, Sany, Amy, Lisa, alongside their dogs Arrow, Maximus, X, Fire will compete again for the national title. This time, the fight won't just be between them because new handlers are also arriving.
Emotions won't just stay inside the track, outside of it, Marquito still has to deal with his family dramas, his unresolved relationship with Amy and the opening of his new training center with students wearing the famous lime green uniforms.
And feelings will be taken beyond borders as handlers travel to the Netherlands to compete in the Dog Agility World Championship.

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THE LEGENDS are back for the third and final volume of one of the most exciting sagas of recent times.
Difficult times for Marquito. Outside the National League, he will need to find the strength to, alongside his new canine partner Brown, make his way back to compete against the best in the sport.
The CaoPetitors’ “Fireflies” appear, and more students will be trained by Leo and Marquito in search of new titles. The Americas & Caribbean in Chile, the Open Latin American in Guatemala and the World Championship in Italy will be the international challenges that the duos will have to face in addition to the fight for the national title.
Away from the tracks, Marquito must deal with the expectation of having his father back in his life and with the outcome in his relationship with Amy.

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