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Marco Magiolo


Marco Magiolo is a distinguished Veterinary Medicine graduate from Universidade Anhembi Morumbi in Brazil, specializing in Animal Behavior. With over two decades of experience, he's been a trusted resource for dog owners facing challenges in managing their furry companions at home.

Beyond his expertise in animal care, Marco's passion has taken him to the global stage as a Dog Agility competitor, dedicating nearly 20 years to participating in prestigious dog agility competitions across 14 different countries.


Marco Magiolo is also a prolific author with four published books to his name. In addition, he's ventured into the world of screenwriting and is a sought-after keynote speaker known for his captivating charisma and profound knowledge. He has shared his insights with diverse audiences, including small businesses, corporations, associations, and exclusive private groups.

Outside his professional pursuits, Marco cherishes his free time by indulging in his love for writing, competing in online Formula 1 racing, savoring fine wine, and sating his sweet tooth with M&M and KitKat treats.

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