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After devastating news about his only daughter, a middle-aged man must take care of the only thing that still keeps him connected to her, her dog.  


In the heart of a small city in South Florida, Giuseppe, an Italian immigrant and grumpy old mechanic, has spent years nursing a deep-seated regret. When his daughter, Alex, came out as gay, their relationship fractured under the weight of his disapproval. Their fierce arguments drove Alex away from home to live with her girlfriend, Patricia, leaving Giuseppe with unresolved anger and pain.

When Tragedy strikes leaving behind a void in Giuseppe's life that he never expected, the one connection he still has to his daughter is Bolt, her beloved dog. Suddenly, Giuseppe finds himself thrust into an unexpected role as caretaker to this furry reminder of his daughter.

The real battle begins when Patricia, Giuseppe's daughter's girlfriend, steps into the picture, determined to claim custody of Bolt. Giuseppe and Patricia's legal battle over the custody of Bolt forces them to confront their painful past, their differences, and the deep-seated regret that has haunted Giuseppe for years.

"My Daughter's Dog" is a powerful and emotional drama that explores themes of redemption, forgiveness, regrets, and second chances in life. Is a compelling narrative that reminds us that it's never too late to seek redemption and find healing in unexpected places.

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Meet the characters from the renowned best-selling My Daughter's Dog


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